Vert:x- a.f.m.o.a.h.e
(Self Released CD-R)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

I felt instantly at home as I heard the non-music enter the headphones. I however became slightly uncomfortable as the band instantly shattered the vibe that they'd created by entering it with a raucous noise. To my Therimin Head, and me, the vibrational field seemed to be harmonically off somehow, as it were. But nevertheless, despite my flashing atmospheric co-ordinations, I pursued the course of the vibrational field to see where it could lead me. I hoped that it would correct itself in due course so that they all sounded together in the same space.

I think, with my new perspective of the situation, that I now can understand the vision and approach of the music that the band chooses to produce. Take early Hawkwind as your main source and use it to enter the world of long improvisations and synthesizer utopia. As one does this, I presume, that one should be careful not to overdo the Hawkwind angle, as I think that in doing so ones music could be limiting instead of being full of endless possibilities. Rather, one should use the mould to expand and create the music fresh, without the limitations of the era, bringing it into the future with the vast arrays of new toys to play with. Instead, I fear that Vert:x are executing a plan that was hatched years ago, without a hint of straying very far from the flanger and synthesizer mould that was pioneered by the mighty Hawkwind.

In essence, Vert:x are charging the universe with sonic assaults and manic free for alls of chaos. But to me, it is really the same jam throughout the entire CD, which really is also one paced throughout. Although in places it picks up and I hear more power and more drive in the tracks, but I still sadly cannot hear any diversity in the music. I know that people will love it. I do! But in all honesty I want to hear a band called Vert:x Not another version of Hawkwind.

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Reviewed by Albert Pollard

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