Vermin Engine - "Earth of the Scum"
(self-released 2007)

From Aural Innovations #38 (January 2008)

Vermin Engine is the work of Australian sonic explorer Andrew McIntosh. Andrew records a variety of music. So far I've heard the brain crushing metallic Shithouse, the experimental Screwtape, and the noisy, aggressive brand of blanga space rock of Vermin Engine. Vermin Engine's album is called Earth of the Scum and as you read this please note that at the time of writing it's available to hear for free at Andrew's site (link at end). The album opens with "The Bomb Is God", which features heavy droning space rock, with a bubbling, pulsating psychedelic noise dirge, all led by an eerie jamming keyboard melody. Very much like F/i at their most metallic. "Sucked Off By Slime" is similar but with more of a rocking rhythmic pulse. Still very similar to F/i, and even Chrome but without the vocals. "Past The Fuck Giving Stage" and "Come To Watch You Die" both have an even more rock 'n rolling groove, though we're still firmly in space-noise-metal territory. Very intense stuff. And lots of cool keyboard and alien synth bits too. "Marching On Your Guts" couldn't be more appropriately titled. This is pure metal and the only track with vocals. Raw, noisey, still totally spaced out, but body crushing metal all the same. Dig those menacing vocals. Very cool. And "Never Never" is another raw heavy noise metal blast that grinds up the guts that just got marched on.

In summary, this is very heavy and ultra intense stuff. Much here for F/i and Chrome fans to enjoy, though it's heavier on the metal and will probably fry your brain in the process.

For more information and to download the album you can visit the Vermin Engine site at:
Email at:

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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