Jethro Tull - Uptown Theater in Kansas City, MO October 12, 2007

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

I'm almost positive to say that this Jethro Tull gig I was fortunate enough to catch was even better than the concert that I saw two years ago. See my review of that show on Aural Innovations issue number 33. This was the fifth concert I've seen at the Uptown Theater this year alone and I must say the acoustics and sound in this former movie house is always pretty darn good. Ian Anderson and crew put on a nearly flawless solid two hour set that most of the crowd of about 1,800 seemed to have very much enjoyed. I sure know I did. Opening up with a short number that featured just Ian and guitarist Martin Barre was a tune that I was unfamiliar with, "Someday The Sun Won't Shine For You". Then came one of my personal Tull favorites, the original version of "Living In The Past" and after that Ian introduced the next song as a track off the band's new yet-to-be released CD - a folk composition "Donkey And The Drum". Not bad at all. As this memorable event carried on, they played a 'deep album cut' that has been noted not to have been played in many years "Green Velvet". Other gems from Tull's lengthy repertoire included "Fat Man" (which drew some enthusiasm from the audience), "Nothing Is Easy", "Bouree", the missed "Thick As A Brick", an orchestral version of "Aqualung", "My God" and "Locomotive Breath". Was a bit caught by surprise when they played a tribute song to Keith Emerson - "America". Now that was good to hear. As I looked at a discography of theirs, I can see the band had apparently dug down deep to play some long forgotten old cuts off the following albums: 'This Was' ('68), 'Stand Up' ('69), 'Songs From The Woods' ('77) and 'Crest Of A Knave' ('87). Impressive. After the show was over, a couple of patrons were commenting that the sound mix was a tad off. One loud-mouth guy sitting two rows back from me kept saying that Anderson's vocals were off cue. Personally, I think that bloke had one too many. Overall, I for one had another fabulous time experiencing a live performance from one of the best ever (still going strong, as far as I'm concerned) progressive / classic rock acts to ever come along in the business. Wanted to also mention that Ian appeared to have been having a great time himself, while a couple of times he'd prance around and show some energy while he was doing what he does like no other musician is able to - playing his flute, with style as only he can. It's concerts like this one that gives me hope for the future.

Set list: Someday The Sun Won't Shine For You / Living In The Past / Donkey And The Drum / Velvet Green / Fat Man / Past Times With Good Company / The Water Carrier / Birnam Wood To Dunsinane / Nothing Is Easy / Bouree - Intermission- Thick As A Brick / Misere / Sweet Dream / Aqualung / America / My God / Budapest / encore: Locomotive Breath.

Reviewed by Mike Reed

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