Tripping Horse – S/T
(Poison Tree Records)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

From Villach in Austria comes this tripping band with references to so many genres and bands that they must be called unique. It’s a strange mix of melodic hard rock, stonerrock and trash - even elements of symphonic rock shines through. A song like “Frightened Out of Heaven” is complete with strings, flutes, prog-metal riffs and hardcore vocals. The singing often reminds me of System of a Down and the proggy structures hints to Tool. Songs like “Cocaine” and “La Pistola” are up-tempo rockers with hit potential sounding like they were spat out of Nick Oliveri’s ugly mouth. This is for sure a band worth giving a listen. The complexity changes from track to track and no songs sounds like being cut from the same scheme. This album is a real ear-opener and it’s surprising that a band with such a grandiose sound has surfaced from out of nowhere. The album was recorded in Los Angeles after a tour in Guatemala (?!) and is produced by Noah Shain. Release date is February 2008 but can be pre-ordered through Poison Tree Records already.

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Reviewed by Tom Knudsen

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