Trigon- Live 2007
(Self Released)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

Trigon are an excellent all instrumental rock trio who sometimes also perform with guests but not at this concert which was recorded at the Zappanale Festival 2007 in Germany. YOu get the bands full 1hr set. IT is really well filmed and the sound is really fine. As a real bonus almost all of the material is new except Blue Time (a fan favorite) and Treacherous Tonal Terror (name in English on the DVD). Actually, almost all the song titles are in English, which is quite unusual for this band, who have nearly all their song titles in German... Anyway.. Rainer (guitar), Stefan (bass) and Timi (Drums) are a very talented band. The set begins with Decadence and Corruption (about the US gov't??) and it is quite a dark track and Rainer plays some really cool wah wah guitar. Fat Bait speeds things up and again Rainer really takes the lead with Stefan and Timi keep the hard rocking groove going. Timi is really playing awesome drums. After a couple of uptempo pieces the band slows things down and Rainer plays some more dark and a bit spacey pieces (Hazard the Consequence of Wonders). Spacerock chick Strikes Back features some really beautiful and melodic guitar playing and slowly builds up in intensity. Whip the Camel is a more intense band interaction piece and Stefan's bass really punches through on this one. Zensation really picks things up again and has a really heavy and nasty guitar riff. Blue Time and Treacherous Tonal Terror end the set. Great performance.

I will admit there are a few times and when you get to the end that you think that perhaps I have heard this before with some of the tracks beginning to sound a bit too much a like... Is it me or is it really that way... A very nice documentation by a great band...

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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