Sunburned Circle- The Blaze Game
(Conspiracy Records core054)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

This is some pretty strange and far out stuff but I would expect no less when you put Sunburned Hand of the Man and Circle in a studio for a few days… The opening track Majava is 7 mins and quite a lowfi track with not a lot happening but strange meanderings. Heinävelho is a 9 minute freakout of sorts that stars very much like the last track but has more strange vocals and sounds and it seems like the drums are going to take the track somewhere but they don’t. This leads directly into Vuoren Valloitus and the bass line is building up more but most of the sound is still in the background creating a special strange vibe. Now the guitars become more noticeable in the soundscape. Variksenpelätin continues in this slow and spacey place in the world with some guitar noodling here and there as the track builds but still this distant huge like recorded in a warehouse with metal siding sound prevails. Strange stuff.. A track with a very long Finnish name is next and here finally a more uptempo groove is building over the repeated bass line with keyboards and guitars noodling in the background while what sounds like a constantly shaking percussion instrument dominates. Bizarre. Lentävä Linnoitus is a sort of weird synth improve with a lot of other strange stuff happening around it. The last real track, Tappajahauki is a freakout track but still a strange production sound. If you really like just tripped out soundscapes of what sounds like people on a lot of drugs freaking out, check this out.. Fucking weird…

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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