The Setting Son and The Great Attacks- Loppen, Christiania 12/5/07

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

The Setting Son is a new Danish band and I think this was the bands 2nd concert ever. They are most famous for having Guf from Baby Woodrose play and produce the bands debut record as well as play farfisa organ with the band live. Keith and I went out to the show on this cold, rainy Weds night not expecting that many people but it was a decent turn out of a 100 or so. The Great Attacks were a trip in time. They are from Ålborg in Denmark and play on all early 60’s gear and have mod hairstyles and play very very retro music. These guys were both about 70 years to late! Tink 1962-1964 era rock and roll. A bit of very early Kinks, the Kingsmen and the Sonics… Cool stuff. How many bands cover Do the Twist by Chubby Checker!!!!!!! Fun…

Set list: Please Tell Me, Don’t know Why, Twirling, Bah Bah, On and on, Ring my heart out, Do the Diddley, Do the twist, We’re gonna be ok, E to A, Baby Baby, The Only one I luv, Red Light, Hu Ha Hua Huh!

¨The Great Attacks

It did not take long for the Setting Son to start or finish… The band ripped through half of the debut album in 15 minutes and just as the band was really starting to find a groove and Guf was laying down a long organ solo, all the power went out. It took the club about 45 minutes to get the power up and running and they ended up having to play the rest of the set by Candlelight as everytime they turned the lights on, the power went out.. The long break pretty much sucked the energy out of the band and they never really caught the groove again, sadly. Pretty cool band but too many of the songs sound a like. It would be different if they did a lot more jamming… Fun to see them..

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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