Secret Oyster- Amager Bio, København 9/21/07

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

The famous Danish jazz rock band, Secret Oyster has reformed and is playing their first gigs since like 1976. I know some people who have seen some of the other gigs they have been playing since around May, I guess and everyone has said it was excellent. I met up with Nils and Anders and Magnus met us at the venue. Claus Bøhling, the guitar player said it was fine to record the show, so that was nice. I showed up at the venue around 6:45 and they were setting up for soundcheck so I had a little chat with him. I also met up with Per and Ulrik at the venue. Only maybe 200 people at the show. I had expected more on this evening.

Anyway, the band started at 21:10 and played a first set for only about 40 minutes. The band was a little tense but still really loosing up by the end of the first set. Black Mist was really great in the first set. The keyboard player, Daniel, is amazing. Wow… Whole band plays great. They took a long break, over 30 mins and came back and played about an hour and the 2nd set was pretty mind blowing. Claus played a lot more guitar solos and took some long ones as well. Carsten is also a really great sax player and some of the grooves they had were amazing. Lets hope they record another record… Great night. I should mention that it is 3 of the original members (Sax, guitar and drums) but the new members are great, especially the keyboard player from Rare Grooves.

Set I: Sirenerne, Oyster Jungle, Black Mist, Stjernerne på Gaden, Leda and the Dog, Pajamamaeia
Set II: Astarte, Blazing Lace. Rubber Star, Paella, Traffic and Elephants, Mind Movie

Encore: Mind Movie con’t

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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