Scattered Planets- Deep Space Psychosis CD-EP
( Private release)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

Lost somewhere between Andromeda and cyberspace, the Scattered Planets fleet (Doug McMahan, synths & vocals; Cyndee Lee Rule, violin & space whisper; Jeff Nutkowitz, guitar & flute; Colin McDowell, bass & synth; Tia Refait, guitar & vocals; Matt Stevenson, bass & effects; The Extremist, theremin; Redbeard, objects) cruise the intergalactic void in search of beer, dope, groovy aliens and the best damn party in the universe. With the ship’s CD library locked and loaded with ample quantities of Hawkwind, Chrome, Skinny Puppy, Pressurehed and Alien Sex Fiend, one would expect an invasion of titanic proportions—and that’s exactly what you get. The crunchy guitars, driving drum machines and synthetic gene-splicing of “Wash/Rinse/Dry” and “TV Slip, Puppet” leave no room for doubt that Scattered Planets is on a mission to conquer the known galaxy. The hideously distorted and appropriately evil vocal machinations (courtesy of Doug and Tia) will lay waste to your cerebral cortex with their telepathic mind control. The wonderfully cinematic “Spiders Attack” could easily be the soundtrack to the great SF masterpiece Tim Burton has yet to direct. The spooky synth pads and steam hammer percussion are mesmerizing. The ominous synthetic rhythms of “Subspace Blowjob” are curiously offset by long washes of flute that evoke a sense of quiescence, as if the crew’s solar sail has been temporarily becalmed in an asteroid belt. A throat-ripping cover of Chrome’s “New Age” (featuring Freak Spaceley on guitar) amps up the wattage for a serious power drive into the fourth dimension and beyond. Horny robots, androgynous androids and sexy mutants will party all night with Deep Space Psychosis spinning in their CD player.

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Reviewed by Charles Van de Kree

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