Rotor- Rotor3
(Elektrohasch 123)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

The mostly instrumental Berlin based band is back with their 3rd full length record. This time the record has been produced by record label owner, Stefan Koglek himself. Rotor is one of those bands whose records never really grab you the first time. If you are impatient, this is not music for you. The CD opens up with the short hard hitting Auf’s Maul? Great guitar riff. Rotor does not have many guitar solos, it is all about perfection and groove. V-Ger is a jazzy sort of number with some great interaction between the players. Rotor has a more melodic line running through it while still going back and forth between this really cool riff. The band is mixing it up all the time. Cool driving music. Hart am Wind reminds me a lot of some other earlier material. Umkehrschub is a great number and quite cool they put this keyboard stuff in at the end. Drehstrum is another one that really gets you hooked into the groove. Klar Schiff is a very short track only 2:17 and ends just as you think the band is getting worked up. Sounds a bit like the end of Band of Gypsies jam but a bit more complex. Kalstart is one of the coolest numbers with a really cool guitar sound to start and some interesting keyboard, that is quickly abandoned as the band really take off. The CD ends with the only long track on the CD, Transporter. IT begins more laid back and the guitar sound is not as distorted and it has a more mysterious and stoney feel to it. Great song.. If you like Rotor, you will for sure dig this one.. Perhaps their best.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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