"Kind of Hell" EP (Original 052 2007)
"Solar Chronicles" EP (Original 035 2007)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

I guess I could best describe this outfit as somber down-key "instrumental post-space-rock", ala Mogwai, Godspeed!, Kinski, Sh'Mantra and the like, with dominant bass-lines and dirge-like drums, though with far less emphasis on wall-of-noise guitar stylings and long build-ups, while heavier on clean keyboards lines.
The "Kind of Hell" EP has a couple strong tunes, with added accordion and a smattering of oddly treated fx accompanying the melodies, a heavy riff bursting forth with swirly looped operatic-chant.
The "Chronicles" EP sports the epic "Solar Energy", beginning with cosmic choral synth-chant fading in and out of a simple, pleasant keyboard melody, a grandiose drum march and an eerie insertion of the chorus near the end. "10 Light Years" is another very pretty tune with the spaced-out echoey keys, synth-piano tinkling., riffs...ends far too early and under-developed at just a couple minutes, though. There are some bland-ish tracks here, too. All in all, nothing really new, but some strong tracks/moments.

Check the band's web site at: http://www.rattus.re-drum.net/contacts.htm

Reviewed by Chuck Rosenberg

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