Orange Sunshine, Dzeghis Khan, Fuzz Manta- Dragens Hule, København 9/7/07

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

This was a great night of 70’s inspired rock music. I was helping out Nils who set up the show by working in the bar and collecting money from people and also putting up the Dzenghis Khan guys at my place. They are from San Francisco and really cool people. Turns out we had an excellent turn out with 63 paid people. Fuzz Manta started at 10:15 and played for an hour and they were excellent. The new songs were quite cool. Lene was sounding amazing on this night. Damn it was loud!

Setlist: Sickness, Free, Mysterious Thoughts, Who sees You?, On the Edge, Elastic Hitchers, Desire, Night Fright, Smoke Rings, Mountain

I did not really have any idea what to expect but these guys just blew the place apart and stole the show. Really cool Blue Cheer inspired hard rocking stuff but so raw and vital.. They only played 38 minutes, which was too bad but they gave 200% and the people totally dug it. Great band..

Setlist: Snake Bite, The Widow, Wild Cat, Long Lisa, End of the Line, No time for Love, Black Saint, Against the wall, Rosie

IT was 30 mins or less and Orange sunshine, with the volume mind melting kicking out the serious jams… Not as long and psyched out as at Roadburn but still excellent and the crowd was right up in the front sucking in the psychedelic rock vibe. Despite the guitarist breaking is G string on his guitar 2x and the show momentum lost, the band really kicked ass.. Bass player was having a bad time though and would not play longer.. Great night..

Setlist: Luv Me, Demonize>broken string>Drum solo>jam, Lonely Child, Cause I’m your Man, Gimmie Shelter- abort, Techincal Breakdown 10min pause, Gimmie Shelter, Train kept a Rollin’, Free, Rock me Baby, Hush Hush


Reviewed by Scott Heller

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