Mustasch and Royal Highness- Stengade 30, København 11/1/07

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

I met up with Kaj, Tom and Tommy at the bar upstairs where they were debuting the new Monster Magnet. Tom and Kaj had been there drinking since like 19 or so and were in a great mood. Place was pretty packed with people waiting for the club to open downstairs. I had not heard the Royal Highness but Tom knew the band. They have played some gigs in the US it seems and the guitar player Lasse from D’Horderves is now playing with them. Anyway, we made our way downstairs to the club and it was quite crowded and smokey.. I had hoped they had stopped the smoking but no… The Royal Highness started 10 mins late or so and had terrible sound. If you were in the back of the room where the sound guy was it was all bass and drums and vocals. If you were up front you could hear the guitar much better but still Lasse, the lead guitar player, he was basically playing air guitar as you could almost not hear him. I told him to turn up but he did not seem to care that no one could hear him and the sound guy was total crap and never even noticed you could not hear the 2nd guitar at all. They were ok.. Some good stoner rock grooves and a good vocalist. They did not really grab me though..
Royal Highness

It took 20 mins and Mustasch hit the stage and totally rocked the place. People singing a long and having a great time. They have a really cool unique groove and way they play their heavy rock but it is sometimes too much the same and not enough soloing or jamming. Singer is great and powerful. These guys are a lot like Dozer in someways but musically different. They played about 1hr and then played 1 encore song. Pretty lame.. Should have played at least a 75 or 90min set, when you have 4 lps out and a packed crowd.. They Cut 4 songs from their normal set list and I don’t know why?? Maybe only for the Swedes, and cut the Danes short?? There was no curfew or any reason like that… Still, a powerful band live and they totally rock and have some catchy hooks…

Setlist: (IN the Night-skipped), DIB, Teenage (skipped), Black Spot, Falling Down, Haunted (skipped), Dogwash, Parasite, Monday, Bring Me, 6:26, Hunta, Black City, I lied (skipped), DubbelTrubbel


Reviewed by Scott Heller

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