Monster Magnet- 4- Way Diablo
(SPV Records)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

Ok.. Dave Wyndorf returns after taking a 1½ year break after an accidental overdose of over the counter sleeping medication. He had a lot of time to think and work on his lyrics for this record despite the fact that musically this was the most spontaneously recorded record the band has created in years with most songs belted out in just 1-2 takes with only modest overdubs. Dave had unleashed 13 songs in 53 minutes including one cover song by the Rolling Stones. The CD is a mixed bag of all kinds of rock and roll and shows that Dave has a few cards left up his sleeve, yet.. This is the new reborn Monster Magnet so open your ears and your mind and be receptive as this is not like anything they have done before. Dave, since he no longer plays guitar, he plays vocalist. He is singing nearly all the time on this record, leaving little space for guitar solos and jamming and spaced outness, so be prepared. The CD begins with 4 Way Diablo, a really excellent track with quite frantic singing by Dave, being chased by his demons. Cool guitar riff and quite raw sounding. Wall of Fire is a fast paced cock rock number but I really don’t like the chorus much.. You’re Alive has this kind of garage rock feel to it and is pretty low down and dirty. Blow your Mind has this slow catchy riff before the big wall of sound riff takes over. This one would have fit in well on Powertrip. Cyclone is old school psychedelic rock and the most spacey song on the record. Great track for those who dig stuff like Bummer and Third Alternative. The Rolling Stones track 2000 Light years from Home is a pretty cool psyched out version as well. No Vacation goes back to a more garagy 60’s pebbles type style of track but with a heavier riff. Dave is really pouring a lot of himself into the vocals on this one. I’m Calling You features some keyboards is a pretty moody piece. The last 3-4 records all seem to have a track just like this one. Solid Gold is a killer rock and roll track and probably the best along with the title track. Great stuff. Freeze and Pixelate is an instrumental track with a quite dark aura about it. Again, seems each record has one of these style tracks on it as well. A Thousand Stars starts with the loud drums and a quite personal track with a melodic but grungy guitar line running through it. I waited for the solo but it never came. Slap in the Face is a pretty funky at times but then a heavy stoner-metal riff kicks in and Ed gets to rip it up like the good old days. The CD ends with Little Bag of Gloom.. If you are MM fan, you will probably dig it dude..

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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