The Magnificent Brotherhood
(Magnificent Music MM001)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

Ok is time to get out the lava lamps, bell bottom pants, tie dye t-shirts and LSD. The Berlin based Magnificent Brotherhood has finally unleashed their debut CD. The CD is a bit short but it takes you back to 1968 and places in the Haight and Ashbury district of San Francisco where the hippie west coast psychedelic beat was really happening. 12 tracks in 36 minutes… The CD begins with Cracker and has a really great 60’s sound and kind of snotty Iggy Pop like vocal in someway.. The organ plays a major role in the bands sound. I like that the band have guitar and organ solos in most all the tracks, which leaves the band some room to jam (which they do a bit live). Gun or Run is a beat track with harmonica and features the other singer (both Erik (organ) and Kiryk (guitar) sing lead vocals). Lifetime is highly inspired by Quicksilver Messenger Service. Kicksville is a bit more psychedelic and sounds a bit like old Liquid Visions. Camera is a bit like the Doors (at least at the beginning). This is a very happy track and I like the fuzzed out trumpet like sound from the guitar. Mindgarage is again very west coast (Dead, QSM). Can’t Remember feature some nice guitar and organ solos. Soma Shop again reminds a bit of the Doors with Cippolina sitting in. Old Tattoo is a really uptempo one that will have the place jumping for sure! People you Know is a really short 1½ min track with the organ mixed really high. The CD ends with Better Hurry and this is also the only song on the CD over 5 minutes and the band really rocks out. If you like SF bay area west coast stuff, then you will dig this CD a lot. Cool……

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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