Loxley Beade- Homogeneous Hump
(DRACA 021)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

Patrick OJ Moore is back with his 2nd Loxley Beade CD on a new label. Patrick contacted me years ago when we were still doing Burnt Hippie records and sent the coolest and most impressive promo package I had ever seen. I am really happy to see things are going well and the band have a new CD out. I can say that I think the band has grown on this record and it is more psychedelic than the previous one on Nasoni records.
The tracks are longer, more psychedelic and heavier at times. The CD starts off with Fatty Morgana P1 and P2. A great start off track that gives you tastes of what is too follow. Intelligent lyrics, good melodies and some psychedelic rock! Dromedary is more acoustic but a bit of wind and interesting use of others string instruments as the track slowly builds up. Nice deep bass line and the band really jam this one out. Sanctuary is mostly instrumental and quite spacey to start with and then all the different string instruments come into play. His whispery voice really reminds me of someone but I can’t place it now… Scooter has a really great groove to it and really builds up and then ends with a cello solo part. Nice.. Blistered is a shorter more straight forward melodic rock tune. The Chrysalis Cracked is a really cool uptempo psychedelic rocker. On the CD is says Frazzled by an SMS is next but it actually Waiting for the Day and it is a cool song with some nice flute and a bouncy bass line. Peter and Janie is next, a short mysterious sounding acoustic track. Frazzled by an SMS is a long and great psych rock track. You can hear this one on the Aural Innovations Radio even though it is called the wrong name on the show. This might be the best track on the CD. Everyone in the band really pitches in something interesting as the track travels forward. Melanie’s Roommate #4 is a short acoustic track to end the CD. The bands best effort yet… 5 out of 5!

Check out the band web site at: http://www.loxleybeade.de

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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