Little Tragedies- Chinese Songs
(MALS 2016)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

I'M SITTING IN FRONT OF A FULL CUP NOT DRINKING remember when all the American Arena Rock bands went MTV around '83, well that seems to be where Russian rock music from Moscow is! Sung in Russian, simple melodies played well, then it goes bombastic Arena Rock stlye, you know Styx meets Boston meets Journey! If you like that sorta thing!? ABSORBED IN MY THOUGHTS yes, more uptempo late 70's boogie rock, I hear some Emerson Lake and Palmer in there, but sung in Russian!! These guys really rock out, they're probably huge in Russia! This is truly intense, could send one over the edge or at least close to the edge! SITTING CAREFREE IN THE SHADOWS OF THE PAVILLION sounds almost like the music from a musical! Yes, very lovely, could lead to madness with repeated listens. What to say?! It's actually fascinating that this music exists! AT THE WINDOW almost like Men At Work meets Styx in Moscow in 1985 with a little John Tesh thrown in. Yes, it's like that but in a musical with lots of dancers and balloons! Fascinating, there's a right time to play this CD, I'm just not sure when that would be. THERE CAME AN UNEXPECTED GUEST very dramatic piano ballad with sensitive Russian vocals/lyrics, then comes the snazzy late 70's style rock music drumming! Prog Rock! Very ELP influenced but more poppy, light! Emerson Fluffy Lite and Palmer! It's great the Russians are playing in rock bands, if they and their fans enjoy it that's all that matters, I guess? Kicking some mighty ass, just keeps going and going. WANDERER flute intro with burbling guitar, sounds pretty cool. Really sparse with weird drone. A CD of just this sorta thing would be pretty interesting! Gradually becomes the Little Tragedies Russian Prog sound! This does have Chinese sounding guitar, what does it all mean?! I bet they have groupies! DO YOU REMEMBER HOW WE SAID GOODBYE? the last song, more sensitive vocals, they're all sung like he's telling an incredibly sad and emotional story!! Then it goes over the top bombast!! Yeah, with soaring 70's keys! Hell yeah, it's the 70's forever, that's what I always say!

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Reviewed by Carlton Crutcher

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