Life on Earth- Look!!! There is life on Earth
(Subliminal Sounds XMLP SUB21)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

Life on Earth! is a new band (project) of Mattias Gustavsson’s, from the Swedish band Dungen. Together with some fellow travelling kindred musical spirits (musicians from Dungen, The Works, Town & Country and Mia Doi Todd) he has created an album of 60’s inspired pop-folk psychedelia. Life on Earth starts off with a flute solo but is a quite upbeat track with congas, bass, guitars, special psych out effects (space echo). Cool song. Next is Sell your Soul to Me. City by the Sea is a real folk track with some cool psychedelic stuff mixed in. Life Turns Fast is a short spacey instrumental. Endless Variety has that really cool 60’s vibe and reminds me a lot of Mandra gora Lightshow Society. The band totally freaks out at the end and then this leads into a nice spacey acoustic piece that is not titled. That ends side A… Barefoot on Tiptoe is a mostly acoustic track with dual vocals (mixed with a bit like they are in another room, airy feel). Bubble of Magic is also acoustic but a more 60’s feeling Crosby Stills and Nash like track. You are There and After a few years we settled Down (they play spaced out stuff at the end of this track) reminds me of Nick Castro. Got Kids and Bought our First Car Right in between is a bit jazzy. Right in Between ends this pretty cool psychedelic rock-folk record.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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