Human Eye- Dæmonens Port, København 9/26/07

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

Human Eye is from Detroit, Michigan and some really cool guys. This is the first time the band has ever played in Europe and they are having a great time. Started in Sweden and Norway and now playing down through Denmark and into Germany and beyond for like 2 months. This gig was only announced the day before so about 25 people came and paid 20kr each and bought cheap 10kr beers to help these crazy guys out. No one except those who had checked the band out in Helsingør had any idea what to expect and I think most of us liked it. Synthesizer (cool old Sequential Circuits analog synth and another one), bass, drums and insane guitar. The drummer and bass player were really great and really held the whole thing together while the guitar player who also sang (if you can call it that), went completely nuts. No one would say he was much of a great player but man, he plays with attitude and sure adrenaline……. Powerful space punk and a little complex at times. I think they played about an hour…. Fun time on a Weds night..

Setlist: Shapes in Numbers, Desperate Hands, Spiders n’ their Kin, Lightning in her Eyes, Sly Glass Foam, Addicted to Sound, Rare lil Creature, Human Eye, Two Headed Woman, D:T, Episode E Peep, Girl named Trouble, Age?, Universe Nurse

(interestingly, the bass player made his set list up all with strange symbols and things, no words…)

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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