Greenleaf- Agents of Ahriman
(Small Stone Records SS-074)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

This is the bands 3rd record as I recall and since it is a band made up of people from other bands, they rarely play live. I missed the one chance I had to see them at the Fuzzfestival in 2003. Anyway, it features some guys from Dozer, singer in Truckfighters, and some other guests as well. While some of the tracks are a bit mainstream, most of the record is really killer tracks (I could use with some more solos though). A great variety of stuff on here from the hard rocking jamming opening track Highway Officer to the organ driven and melodic Alishan Mountain (with the great guitar riff) to Black Tar, a more moody piece featuring the deep vocals of Peder Bergstrand. Ride another Highway features the singer from Dozer and makes this track sound quite a bit like Dozer, despite the bluesy riff that opens the track. Wonder why?? The Lake has a very melodic and cool groove and nice use of the organ as well. The title track is quite a dark track and really mixes things up and slows it down as well, for a bit.. Sleep Paralysis is my favourite track on the CD. It starts off with a nice bass riff and some spacey sounds slowly filter in until the really great guitar and groove begins. There is not a lot of singing on this track. Great stuff. The CD ends with Stray Bullet Woman, which is a blues rocker. Pretty cool CD.. Good job guys…

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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