Gravanzia- Doom to the doom Men
(Self Released)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

Gravanzia is a rather weird rock group from London. This quartet dresses themselves in colourful capes and mediates their strange, esoteric message through their very original, psychedelic music. For instrumentation, they use at least guitars, bass, drums, organ, spacey synthesizers and electronics. Doom to the Doom Men is apparently their second official album and it is an enchanting, magical but a bit scary affair. The band's music is quite hard to describe, but it has at least a tiny bit of Hawkwind and Gong, some Tuxedomoon and Webcore and Gothic overtones. From time to time it's also pretty experimental and progressive. The vocals are often closer to invocations or chants, and if this wasn't partly funny, I'd be a bit scared for sure...

This ten-tracker had to be played a few times until it really reached me, but it's been a highly spellbinding and trippy experience ever since. Sometimes the music rocks pretty hard (for example on tracks ”Get Down Low!” and ”What We Deserve”). There are also free-floating, peaceful, spacey and laid-back tracks like the mystical ”Ode to J.C.” and the airy ”Deep Is the Glove”. The rather strange ”Discordheed” has sequences running through it all the time. ”Curious Little Tongue” and ”Sic Transit” are short, experimental ambient pieces. The excellent, repetative ”Beast Your Mind” has some nice harmonic vocals and tons of synthesizers. The album's master piece is the close to ten-minute-long title track, that is a really deep trip into the occult. There are a lot of samples and spacey sound effects, and the overall feel of the album is very hallucinatory and hypnotic. This just might take you for a journey into other dimensions, but if you're prepared for it and not too scared I'd advise you to take part in this wild and mysterious worship to the Ancient Ones.

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Reviewed by Santtu Laakso

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