Edward Ka-Spel- Dream Logik Part One
(Beta-lactam Ring Records mt203)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

As with any new release by Ka-Spel (guiding light of The Legendary Pink Dots for over a quarter of a century now), expect strange vibrations and a surreal cornucopia of musical genres that virtually define the word “eclectic.” The opening alien recitation of “Threshold” leads perfectly into the bizarre electro-trip of “harvester,” for all the world sounding like the Krell from Forbidden Planet jamming with The Orb somewhere beyond the rings of Saturn. The aptly titled “And the Stars” utilizes a horde of found sounds and whooshing synthesizer effects that recall the electronic minimalism of such kraut rock pioneers as Neu and Cluster. Ka-Spel however updates the post-Kraftwerk sensibility with his tortured oscillator theory of sound wave genesis. “The 9 O’clock Train to Oblivion” is perhaps the real stand out track on Dream Logik. A bouncy LFO-modulated synth pattern buttressed (again) with various samples and percussion loops form the mainframe to this cleverly undanceable dance track. Its pulsating minimalism is addictively trance-inducing. In fact, most of the pieces on Dream Logik have the feel and texture of musical fragments collected out of altered states and brought to fruition with the resources of post-modern recording technology. Ka-Spel’s songs are thus sometimes frustratingly simple, yet in their own way charming vignettes. The onomatopoeic “Laughing Gas” is a case in point, its almost Pere Ubu-ish intro signifying Ka-Spel’s innate humor and his ability to elicit absolutely unearthly sounds from his array of electronic gadgets. Think of Ka-Spel as the bastard son that Syd Barrett never had.

Check out the record label site at: http://www.blrrecords.com

Reviewed by Charles Van de Kree

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