Earthling Society- Tears of Andromeda
(Nasoni Records 063)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

This is Earthling Society’s 3rd record and in some ways it goes a bit more back like the first but it is also a progression in a more psychedelic spaced out way.. The sound is really fantastic on the record and they use only old vintage synthesizers on this CD and don’t at all go for an over produced sound but tracks that take you on a trip. The CD opens with Wromg which starts out very spaced before going into the track proper with the drums and bass and melodic and very spacey guitar taking the lead. Black Country Sorcerer is a mellow and very spacey and floating number that reminds me of early post-Syd Pink Floyd. Miss Liberty’s Morning Dew is a cool spacey funky track with some falsetto vocals and then it explodes in the middle with a great spacey guitar solo with the rest of the band just keeps gliding. Lucifer Starlight is an acoustic track and features deep in the well of your soul type vocals and plenty of spaced outness before kicking into space rock high gear as it gets very psychedelic. A Song for John Donne is a strange spacey track with flutes and all sorts of sounds and this leads into the 21 minute title track, Tears of Andromeda- Black sails against the sky. This track really takes you back to the early days of Krautrock and the Cosmic Jokers… Killer stuff.. There is also a short unlisted track at the end of the CD to surprise you…

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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