The Durango Riot – Telemission
(Fuzzorama Records)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

Damned, this is a masterpiece! Durango Riot hits you right in the solar plexus from track one – and just keep on hitting. They are – off course – from fucking Sweden and this is in fact their debut album, and what a debut – where the fuck did they come from?! The formula is a lot of typical driving Swedish rock’n’roll blended with a little stoner rock and some punk. Great songs, great riffs and constant great hooks. Drumming is energetic and tight, bass-play is dirty and driving, guitarists are great with screeching solos – and the singing is so snotty you want to smack the guy. Most songs are testosterone filled bombs of energy, but they also know how to swamp ahead in the bluesy way. A song like “Drivers” starts out as slow blues with harmonica and then turns into a killer garage rocker with cool saxophones and then again back into slow blues driven by a distorted bass and the saxes chilling out in the background. “We’ve Planted a Bomb In Your Radio Station” is pure rock fury complete with sing-along chorus and I could go on and on like that with every song. What about an acoustic flamenco inspired guitar solo in the middle of the straight ahead rocker “Future 2036”?

God damn, I get chills all over and just have to say: Damned, this is a masterpiece!

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Reviewed by Tom Knudsen

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