Space Debris - "Into the Sun"
(self-released 2007, CD & PAL format DVD)

From Aural Innovations #38 (January 2008)

The fourth album from Space Debris documents their appearance at the Burg Herzberg 2006 Festival and has been released in two editions - CD and DVD. These guys wear their 70s influences on their shirtsleeves and for a full blown heavy jamming prog-psych-krautrock experience you can do no better than Space Debris. Honestly, if I played this for you and told you it was a reissue of an album from 1972 you would have no reason to doubt me. The band is a quartet of guitar, bass, drums and organ, and like their previous albums the guys get a jam going and just take off, with most of the tracks being in the 14-18 minute range, giving them plenty of room to stretch out and explore.

"Into the Sun" and "Whales" are both lengthy excursions that really showcase the Space Debris brand of exploratory heavy jamming progressive influenced psych rock. This is a world where the guitar and Hammond organ reigns supreme, dueling and trading leads throughout. "Lornas Vibrator" features more heavy jamming psych rock but with a great melodic soulful groove. "Electric Friends" is one of my favorite tracks of the set. It starts off spacey and dreamy, with elements of early Pink Floyd and bits of Hawkwind. Then around the 5 minute mark it launches into a jam that bears strong similarities to Pink Floyd's "One of these Days", but is also trademark Space Debris heavy psych rock jamming. "Mountain" is another highlight, consisting of killer spaced out blues rock with Tommy Gorny going Hendrix on guitar and firing off some of the most manic leads of the set. And "Jam Bang" is a shorter track that winds down the set, and is a cool combination of psychedelic funk and Deep Purple heaviness. An excellent finale.

The track listings on the CD and DVD are the same, except for a few seconds to a couple minutes difference in the timings. I think they did a great job with the DVD. Rather than just pointing the camera at the band the whole time, there's lots of focus on the crowd, giving the viewer a feel for the festival vibe. Excellent!

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Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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