Circle- Telescope
(Sunhair Records SH005)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

Wow…. This is the 7th release in 2007 by Circle and a double CD. I think they are trying to catch up or win the race with Acid Mothers Temple to see who can put out the most material. Perhaps 10 releases next year??? Anyway, this is an archive release on the Sunhair label of a concert that took place in 2003 at the Café Cairo in Würzberg, Germany. It is 6 tracks including a monster 33 minute one featuring Sula Bassana on 2nd guitar. Matka starts things off and really tunrs into a killer track over the long 28 minutes. Metsän Henget/Tavaton is 23 minutes and more laid back and spacey while the 19 min Huure is extremely repetitive and you must be very patient to obtain the sonic rewords from this one. CD2 starts off with Ajannopeus, which sounds like it came off the end of the last track and it is basically a drums, bass and guitar piece that slowly gets more and more intense in the sound of the guitar and groove, while staying very repetitive. Fucking tight. Mika is making some sounds in the background but you don’t hear them that clearly until later in the track with the keyboard. Teräsklpy features a lot of bizarre spoke-sung vocals with a lot of delay as the band just gets more and more intense. This was for sure a prelude to where the band has gone with the heavy metal guitar… The CD ends with the massive 33 minute Kaare with Sula. Spaced out and intense… what more to say??

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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