Circle and Electrique Mistress- Dæmonens Port, København 11/22/07

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

I was a bit tired after the seeing Acid Mothers Temple and Trad, Gras och Stenar the night before but I was not going to miss Circle, playing just 5 min bike ride from my door. Magnus came by for a beer before and we headed over a few minutes after 8. Nils and some others were already there but the Circle guys were out getting some food. It was filling up nicely around 21 and Electrique Mistress, a one man project began about 21:30. He did a 20 min looping piece on the violin with a lot of guitar effects pedals. He had 3 ghettoblasters set up next to him but he never did anything with them. IT slowly built up and got more and more intense at the end and then that was it.. Some people though it was cool but I got the idea most just did not get the point..

It did not take long before Circle hit the stage and I had been talking with them backstage and they liked the idea of playing this place and were in a good spirit. They played a very powerful set for just under an hour. The sound was amazing in this place but this is because they had their own soundman who knows what the fuck he is doing. People were pretty blown away. The set was a mixture of the atmosphere, almost prog like tracks with some almost operatic like vocals and then mixed with hard and heavy metal! Jussi sang a couple of times as well which was cool. IT was a very intense set. I think most people were blown away how the band can so effortlessly take their music from punk rock and metal to prog to space out. It was really cool and a bit different set than what we saw at Roadburn. I bought the two new live CDs that just came out and said good night to the Circle guys and my friends and was out of there…. Cool night..

Set list: Virsi, IMU, Time is over now, Se jonica nimeá el.. into MMI, Bazinii iivoselle, punk x2, Miljard, Loppuriffit. Tulilintu, Fish Reflection, Murneenkryyni
(It was hard to read the set list.. that is the best I could figure out…)

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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