Burning Saviors- Nymphs and Weavers
(Transubstans Records 033)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

This Swedish band is back with their 3rd CD, the first on Transubstans Records. The band took their name from the Pentagram song and still clearly has this influence in their sound. The band mixes up their melodic doomy sound though with a bit of organ, acoustic guitars and melodic vocals. Looking after the Phyre starts off the CD with a fast pace and the retro sound of the band will be quickly noticed. The singer takes a bit to get used to and sometimes sounds quite strained like he is really singing at the edge or past his real range. Anyway, I got over it. Pondhillow’s Finest is a very melodic track and perhaps the one they try to get on the radio as it is quite catchy and a bit like Witchcraft.. no pop music here. It also features quite a nice organ solo and melodic guitar solo but far too short. The Spellweaver is has a hard guitar riff but also a lot of melodic elements to the music but with that light doomy feel to it. Woodnymph is a beautiful track with organ and flute. This has a nice dreamy feeling to the music. Dreaming of Pastries is a very fast track (for this record) and a great title. Signs is stealing a blues riff from someone, Mountain…perhaps… I know that riff. It is ok.. One of the heavier riffs on the record. Trinity is also on the heavier side. Hillside Mansion once again features the flute and is one of the best tracks on the CD. Well composed and a great feeling. Exposed to the Heat of Solace ends the CD and is one of the more doomy tracks. I have not heard the bands other CDs but this was pretty good and fans of Pentagram, Witchcraft, etc… will dig a lot of this..

Check the band's web site at: http://www.burningsaviours.com/
Visit the Transubstans record label site at: http://www.recordheaven.net

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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