Bohren and der club of Gore- Loppen, Christiania 11/2/07

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

This was a very cool and totally different show. About 80 people or so. I arrived about 11:15 straight from a work jubilee dinner (dressed in suit and tie with my white leather jacket!). Chatted a bit with Tom, Nils, Jens, Martin before the band started. They are a totally unique German band who play live quite rarely (usually under 5 shows a year). Anyway, they are a four piece band with bass (sometimes two basses), Sax, drums (more like high-hat and kick drum as he rarely used anything else on the kit), and Fender Rhodes. They play very very slow doomy instrumental music with a lot of delay on the Fender Rhodes. The guy playing Fender Rhodes also switched with the sax player (who also played 2nd bass). They also had a sampler with some atmospheric music or sounds that they played over on most tracks. I think if you are not really into it you will get quite board but if you let yourself get sucked in, it is really cool stuff and really unique. I have to say it was very dark as well. The band wanted to lights in the club on except the bar and all they used on the stage where these thin spot lights shinning straight down so all you could see is a bit of their heads and their instruments, otherwise, totally dark. Like the music.. totally dark… doom jazz….

Set List: Midnight Black Earth, On Demon Winds, Crimson Ways, Midnight Walker, Constant Fear, Grave Wisdom, Night Wolf, Destroying Angels, Dead Angels, Prowler, Maximum Black

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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