Black Rainbows – Twilight in the Desert
(Longfellow Deeds Records)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

From the Italian desert comes this power trio playing slow-motion space-/stonerrock in a way that resembles Norwegian WE. Both music and vocals has the same vibe - and this is really a compliment! I really dig the completely laid back style in most of the songs. Even the quite up-tempo track “Follow Your Patter” has an almost relaxed groove and a very cool spaced out part in the middle of the song. Although a typical power trio anchorman Gabriele Fiori also ads some cool synthesizer in the typical spaced out way - but without overdoing this. “Don’t trust” is actually a song driven by acoustic guitar all the way, but with a nice spacy progression. The song “Mind Revo” has a really tuff bottom layer from the rhythm section with tight drums and heavy bass. The album ends with the almost epic track “This Road” that rounds everything up. It starts as a slow mellow song and spans more than six minutes with short interruptions of sudden hard kicking bridges. Everything was recorded and produced in the bands own studio and this is the only minor problem. Production could have been better and the sound much wider. But in all this is a good solid debut. And as in spaghetti westerns there must be deserts in Italy …

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Reviewed by Tom Knudsen

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