Bad Acid - "Tab 5"
(2007, Magazine)

From Aural Innovations #38 (January 2008)

Bad Acid is a print magazine that focuses on all forms of heavy rock - Stoner, Metal, Space Rock, Psychedelia, and everything even remotely related to these genres. Published in the UK by Dave Gedge, there were 3 outstanding issues of the mag in the late 1990s, until Gedge seemed to have disappeared, before reemerging earlier this year with an absolutely stunning Magazine/DVD/Mp3 fourth issue (see AI #36). Tab 5 is a B&W glossy print mag consisting of 100% interviews. That's right 39 bands interviewed over 64 pages. For the Space Rock crowd we've got Electric Orange, Earthling Society, White Hills, Litmus and Titan. Heavy progressive greats like Antonius Rex/Jacula, Terraplane, Danava, Northwinds and Acid King. Plus loads of other bands, many of whom I'd never heard of and have ended up with a long list of that I need to investigate. The magazine is very nicely laid out with lots of photos and informative interviews. Tab 6 is scheduled for right about now and will be a 4 hour DVD magazine. And Tab 7, scheduled for later in the winter, will be an audiomag similar to Tab 4. Wow!! If you're longing for an old fashioned curl up in the chair magazine, and one that covers bands that almost NO other print mags cover, then step right this way. HIGHLY recommended!

For more information and to order a copy you can visit the Bad Acid Myspace site at
Email publisher Dave Gedge at:

Reviewed by Jerry Kranitz

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