Baby Woodrose and Aron- Loppen, Christiania 11/8/07

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

This was the first Baby Woodrose concert in Copenhagen since the new LP, Chasing Rainbows came out. A good crowd of 200 people or so on this Thursday night. I arrived with my cousin from NYC 15 minutes before Aron began. Aron, is the project of Morten, who used to play in On Trial and with Guf in Spids Nøgenhat. This was a 3 guitar line up including Henrik from On Trial, Morten on 12 string guitar, stand up bass, the old ghost rocket drummer on a very stripped down set (just floor tom and tambourine!) and a guitar player I did not know. They played mostly tracks from the new Aron record and these were both dark but beautiful as well. Very special psychedelic music… Hard to describe.. They only played 25 minutes, which was too short.

Set list: Morgendis, Demons from Beyond, Little Bird, Djævelebarn, Creepin Death

It was a pretty fast set change and the BW boys were ready to rock and rock they did. The beginning of the set was pretty straight up rocking out and the spacing out came a bit later. The set had a little bit of everything and quite a few songs from the new record. I think that without having a organ player live with the band the new songs really loose the feel they have on the record and become just much more normal rock songs. You can still hear they are great songs but the feeling from the record is totally different. I think they need to try to play them with Guf on organ and singing and get Henrik to play guitar or something… Anyway, it was great to hear Chasing Rainbows, Lilith, Twilight Princess and others. The band also played some b-side singles like the opening Information Overload and A good day to Die. The band really jammed out Born to Lose, including a verse from the CCR classic, Suzie Q. Rollercoaster ended the normal set and was a long jam as well. The encore started with Guf by himself a number called I who Have. The band then joined him for a song in Danish called Arbejdsløs (means our of work in Danish). Two unreleased songs.. Interesting set and great stuff..

Set list: Information Overload, All over now, I lost you in my Mind, Chasing Rainbows, Let yourself Go, No More Darkness, Disconnected, Pandora, Spinning Wheels of Fire, Lilith, Someone to Love, Twilight Princess, In your Life, A good day to Die, Born to Lose, Rollercoaster, I who Have, Arbejdsløs

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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