Aron- Djævlens Horn
(Orpheus Records Orph 014)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

This is the 3rd solo record by guitarist Morten Aron (formely in On Trial, Spids Nøgenhat, Dragon Tears, Ghost Rocket) and it is dark as ever. Acoustic psychedelic horror folk music from deep down in the forest where the evil ones dwell. The special thing about this music is that it is often beautiful, while still being scary. There is nothing that I have heard that sounds anything like this music or evokes the sort of emotion in you the way Aron does. The LP starts with Den Sorte Ged (The Black Goat) and is a piano, drone, guitar and voice intro track to get you into the spirit of the record. Djævlebarn (Devil Child) is next begins with a choir of his voice before the beautiful, almost Spanish like guitar and psychedelic vibe really starts to take effect and a beautiful track evolves. Hun er ikke Menneske (She is not Human) is one of the disturbing tracks with the title repeated over and over and special dark tone with the addition of organ and more layers of guitar. Edderkoppering (Spiders) has some cool backwards effects and but also some beautiful layers of guitars. The LP side ends with the instrumental track Drømmedagsprofet (Day Dream Prophet). Ud på Landet (Out on the Land) and this is probably the strangest track on the record (the start) with a real horror film feel but then it goes into a more melodic Danish folk track with some slide or pedal steel guitar and you begin to think that this guy can make some normal music.. ha… but no.. Er det Her? Follows and Morten changes his singing style a bit. The organ and again slide guitar followed by a nice electric lead guitar makes this one quite beautiful. The title track is next and this has a really twisted psychedelic blues sound like you have never heard. Really cool stuff.. Kom ud I Lyset (Come out in the Light) is like a real psychedelic rock song! The LP ends with Nattens Stjerner (The Night Star) a solo acoustic guitar piece. Great LP…

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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