Amplified Heat- How do you like the sound of that?
(Arclight Records AR21)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

This Austin, Texas band featuring three brothers is back with a new full length CD (10 tracks , 36 mins) and it rocks like a mutha! Again quite a cool raw production and in your face guitar. The CD starts off with a song with intense lyrics about fucking with a tough guy and sung a bit like Suicidal Tendencies. Rambler is quite a much happier track and quite catchy. Man of the Road I really like the way the guitar solo is mixed way up in your face. She drank that Wine is a slow and bluesy track and more of that down and dirty raw guitar! What went Wrong speeds things up a lot and has a real old school 50’s rock feel but a more aggressive riff. S.A.P.O. is a 37 second drum solo that leads into Moonshine, an acoustic (not completely) shuffle drinking song including hand claps! Through and Through is the longest track at 5 minutes and starts quite slow and moody again with some acoustic guitar but later a ripping raw and dirty distorted guitar solo. Great stuff. The title track is next and a nice laid back, down and dirty bluesy track. Amplified Boogie is an instrumental track and speeds things up again. The CD ends with Sickness, a slow blues number. All fans of down and dirty Texas Blues will dig this one for sure…

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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