Alientar- Martian Terrain CD
Private Release

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

Martian Terrain, the sophomore effort from neo-space rockers Alientar, shows the group embracing its intergalactic heritage with a vengeance. Definitely more focused than the group’s debut CD, Martian Terrain plunges into the void with the rocketing opening track “All That You Say.” Lots of swirling electronics and crushing guitar place this track squarely in the Hawkwind/Ozric Tentacles space cadet camp. “Monolith” is even heavier, with Jason Deppong’s manic guitar arpeggios flying through the mix like cosmic debris through the asteroid belt. The majestic sweep of “Parasite” almost approaches the heady heights of classic progressive rock, though with a decidedly more aggressive edge that recalls similar excursions by groups such as Nektar and Amon Düül. The frenetic title track appropriately closes the album with more blistering guitar and a barrage of exploding drum salvos. All in all, Martian Terrain is more coherent and more edgy than its predecessor; the guitars are more firmly in control of the overall sound, and the group as a whole seems more unified and more certain of the musical landscape they’ve just begun to explore

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Reviewed by Charles Van de Kree

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