Ad’Absurdum- Deep into the Nowhere
(Acustic Disaster Records AD003)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

This is one of the early recordings by this Swiss instrumental psychedelic space rock outfit. It was a limited edition of 100 copies on vinyl and also CD-R. It features 6 tracks in 44 minutes (perfect for a vinyl record!). IT begins with the slow and psychedelic track, Anyway, you can do it! It sounds like melodica as the main solo instrument to start this off. Quite a sad feeling in this one. Deep is next and has this almost Spanish feeling to it but not quite and it slowly builds with the organ coming in and then the phased out guitar as it becomes more intense and you expect the track to really explode and take off but it never does. Orbit Trip is the most psychedelic track on the CD with some spaced out guitar along with the very melodic groove and melodic repeated guitar line. Later the organ comes on. Sadly the track is too short as I felt they were really starting to get going somewhere and it is faded out.. The next 3 tracks are 9, 13 and 12 minutes and this is where the band really has time to space out. Barbeque is first and starts slow but takes off with more intensity around 3 minutes. The same bass and guitar line is repeated during different parts but then strange synth or organ or guitar make different solo appearances to mix up the jam. Cool… Yesterday, I catched the Flu begins with some piano and distant drums that slowly become clearer as the rest of the space crew slowly filter into the sound. A lot like early Pink Floyd (1969) to start this track off. In the middle they sample something from a British movie or TV it sounds like, just a bit later it gets quite heavy. Fans of Circle will dig this. Small Stone ends this CD and is the most psychedelic and heavy of all the tracks. Great stuff. Please note, the order I reviewed it is the order on the CD-R and not the vinyl. Interesting to hear the early output by this Swiss band.

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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