Man - ' Do You Like It Here Now, Are You Settling In?'
(Esoteric / Cherry Red) Catalog number: ECLEC2013

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

Originally released in 1971, so I'm assuming this was possibly Man's fourth album. Features the same line-up as one of the other recent CD reissues that Esoteric has just put out, the self-titled ' Man' disc. I had compared notes with a couple of old school Man fans and one of them had mentioned that ' Do You Like.....' may not necessarily be considered to be one of the British band's better works. I, for one enjoyed it just as much as the ' Man' 1970 title. "Angel Easy" is an awesome and rather uplifting rocker to start off with, as was "All Good Clean Fun" was a full hearted effort, too (sort of caught me by surprise) and "We're Only Children" features some tight vocals and nicely played blues guitar. "Manillo" is taylor-made for those who totally dig Man's trademark ' 70's guitar riffing. "Love Your Life" was a cut that I found myself playing over several times, as it has an almost Deep Purple-like organ sound to it. Noticed this Man CD reissue offers you three added bonus cuts, such as live edits of "Many Are Called, But Few Get Up", the previously mentioned "Angel Easy" (as like most songs from any artist, sounds more energetic when performed live) and an eighteen-minute extended live version of the band's blues rock gem "Romain" - almost worth the price of admission alone. One thing I would like to know is, why hasn't Man been better known? I know for a fact they still exist to this day. Would make a great gift for any aging concert goer or anyone who supported Man back in the day. Keep up the good work, Esoteric.

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Reviewed by Mike Reed

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