Trad, Gras och Stenar and Acid Mothers Temple- Debaser, Malmö, Sweden 11/21/07

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

I had been in contact with AMT about the Øresund Space Collective playing with them in Copenhagen on this tour but all correspondence died in July and nothing ever happened. IT was cool that they had a gig close by so we could go see them with this four piece line up. Too bad Cotton was gone though. Anyway, Jens, Nils, Tobias, Ole and I piled into my car and drove over to Malmö for the show. AMT started right at 8:30 as stated and this caught a lot of people by surprise as perhaps only 60 people where there when they started and 150 by the time they finished. They played a very intense 80 min set and no encore. Kawabata’s guitar was insanely loud though and when the jams got intense he drowed all the other instruments out so you could hear nothing but guitar and as they were already playing above the sound limit of 100dB, the sound guy said he could do nothing to raise the other instruments.. They had a few tracks with great riffs and space parts and then of course the full on freak outs.. Quite a cool and intense band.

It took about 45 mins before the old Swedish band, Trad, Gras och Stenar came on. A lot of people were surprised they were not playing first but I think this was AMT giving the band some respect as they are an old band and playing in their home country. They toured with AMT in 2002 in Japan. Anyway, they started out with a real sleeper and then finally a cool guitar groove started and the old, very old, lead guitar player was doing some looping and delay guitar stuff that was cool. After they played a song about punk rock they went into a long Grateful Dead like jam number. They talked a lot between the songs saying quite funny stuff if you understand Swedish. The Danish guys all wanted to leave as they were board. They were not really paying attention at all and have basically given up. We ended up leaving when they announced they were playing their last number. IT was cool to see them. I think they alright but pretty untight, except the drummer (he was excellent) and the bass player, who played well together. A fun night for sure.

Set List: Intro, Punkrockin, Sommerlåtras, Duvah, Polskah, Silvarfloden, In kommer Gösta, Kaffe???

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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