1997EV- dead.ends.sinful
(Punch Records 014)

From Aural Innovations #38 (Jan 2008)

1997EV is the name of the band and the cd is called "dead.ends.sinful"...There's not much information about this release but it features Swedish born Mats Gustafsson who's been on the scene since the mid eighties and has collaborated with Sonic Youth, Derek Bailey and Peter Brotzmann. On to the review...WETSUN7...low rumble industrial sludgedrone, very nice, some quality dronage...LUCIFILE EINS...goes straigt into the second song with nice uptempo guitar strummage! Yes, it's all very tasty so far! Now the pre-recorded Englishman vocal, I don't know about all this!? There's a second nice distorto guitar, a gurgling chirping sound, the modern electric jug? The second guitar hammers out a nice melody and British man vocals go away and I like it all the more! Yes, it's pretty freakin' great!...G-RAYS VIOLET...very German hypno beat with the same guitar riff played over and over. Then come the ominous deep dark male vocals with 2nd lighter vocal backing it up! Pretty cool, a little old school, reminds me of Sonic YOuth. Just keeps going and going like this then drastically changes pace into quiet space drone...EERIE...deep space drones then the nice acoustic guitar strumming! Spaghetti Western harmonica? drone! Pretty damn great! These guys are the real deal! This is totally original modern deep space experimental acoustic "out there" music! Almost like acoustic Hawkwind but even better, at 6:25 changes into spooky voice speak, quiet, no guitar, and then back into the main riff with some drum banging. Cool undescribable eerie vocal! This is one of the best new cd's I've heard in awhile. Ends in long slow space fadeout! Yes, very nice...A DARK SIDES MIRACLE...this one is very Italian Renaissance festival then comes big heavy ominous vocal and keyboard and some space noises by unidentifiable instruments, then back to the British man vocal! Sounds a bit 80's but also very good and modern! Their press release says "an experimental psychedelic visionary drone effort around the prismas of a surrealist post-technoligical age." Now is the big reverb drum included with spacey keyboard flourishes!...ALDER SIDES EPSYLONS PART I...uptempo industrial repeated guitar loop with more guitar slashes on top with backdrop of deep space drone. Pretty damn impressive! Almost a Chrome post apocalyptic western vibe on this one and it's over! Pretty damn great, keep up the good work guys!

Check out the record label site at: Http://www.punchrecords.it
Check out the band web site at: http://www.1997ev.net

Reviewed by Carlton Crutcher

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