Zone Six- Live at Berg Herzberg Open Air 2006
(Sulatron Records st cdr 004)

From Aural Innovations #37 (Sep 2007)

As the title says, this CD-R (limited to 100 copies) is an excellent soundboard recording of Zone Six’s live performance at last years Berg Herzberg Festival. What an insane performance it is as well.. The CD is 5 tracks in 77 minutes and begins with Rain. The track begins very slowly with space synths and then a very relaxed jam begins and Michaela begins to appear here and there with some space vocals, which kind of bother and annoyed me at times. They build up to some intense jamming already by 6-7 minutes and plenty of guitar solos. Flashflush is only 7 minutes long and begins with some djembe and spacey bass playing before the strange psychedelic tribe takes over. Again, I find michaela’s vocalizations mosty distracting and annoying from the cool music happening. Very cool track… Kopfeck is next and a long off beat kraut thing and quite strange with weird keyboards and acid mother’s temple like madness at times. Traumatanz begins with some djembe, spacey sounds and Michaela doing vocalizations and slowly builds up. About 6 mins in the groove gets oing with the real drums and bass. Nice keyboards. Infernale Grande ends the CD with some really insane stuff. Phew…

While there is some really cool spaced out music on this CD, I have to say that Michaela’s vocals just don’t do anything for me and in fact take more away from the vibe than they add in my opinion, making this one of the weaker Zone Six live recordings. Love some of the music though. Really cool spaced out trance rock..

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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