Under Brooklyn Palms- Gestrüppgestäuch
(UBP Music)

From Aural Innovations #37 (Sep 2007)

This is a very diverse and interesting CD by a new German band. The CD features 14 tracks in 71 minutes and a very bluesy mixture of stoner rock and 70’s rock. The opening track is the bands real Sgt. Sunshine like stoner rock track. Flüsterasphalt begins with a very Colour Haze inspired riff before coming into it’s own with a heavy blues stoner riff rock track. Restlessness, the band takes 6½ minutes to fill out the track and get a little spacey and emotional. Cool song. Secretly is a short 1 min spacey guitar piece that leads into the 12 minute long “The brain the does not Fit”. This track has many moods and passages allowing the band to improvise and jam a bit. A lot of cool guitar playing on this track and spaced out psychedelia. El bigote de la Bestia is an uptempo shuffle (gets spaced out in the middle) and will remind people of Los Natas at times. The title track is a 60’s style psychedelic track to start but then gets very fast, until coming down again. Incapable is a 3 min instrumental blues track. Not all that interesting really until the end which they steal a bit from Pink Floyd as this track leads directly into Glory Ages which becomes uptempo and they bring back the Pink Floyd (Astronomy Dominie) riff back and this leads directly into the blues track, Listlesness, which includes piano as well. Drunken Lens picks up the pace and the band get totally psyched out with some crazy multiple tracked guitars. For Tiredness, the band pulls out the acoustic guitar and the bass player plays some super cool stuff. Really cool track. Ashtray is a short 1 min prelude to the closing 16 minute Schlummerfunktion. This track is slow and meandering and does not really take shape and dies out into strange guitar noises and stuff from about 6 mins to the end. Overall, a really excellent debut CD.

For more information you can visit the band web site at: http://www.underbrooklynpalms.de

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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