Psychic Space Invasion- Pendulum

From Aural Innovations #37 (Sep 2007)

To some industrial noise is disorientating and annoying. But not for a stotter like me matey! But saying that I was glad when the 11 minutes of track 1 was over!

I don’t mind repetition, nor do I mind noise, but there is a fine line between being boring and being interesting.

As with most experimental music of this nature it needs an ear that is not adverse to obscurity nor abstraction, a one that is willing to indulge in the torments of the twisted minds offering sanctuary in their world. Those who understand this will get away with Pendulum. Others with a softer, less harsh hearing palette will be disgusted and put off from the very first sound. I however found myself sort of in between and I listened to it only because I had to I think.

I found it very harsh on the ears and would say that it is a love it or hate it job.

You will love it if you are into bowels of hell type sounds, with obscure horrible scratchy things pouncing from the sulphurous innards, which dwell therein. You will hate it if you’d rather listen to soothing angelic floaty sounds. Put it this way, I will not be listening to it again because I heard nothing adventurous or creative from it the first time. All I heard was harsh noise and realistically I would have been more upbeat if short wave radio noise had been fed and tuned through a delay pedal.

For me it was too one paced throughout and I found that by the end it did not venture very far from where it initially began.

On the plus side I will say that the CD envisages a subduing feeling, rather like that of sickness. And I ask, is this not where Psychic Space Invasion wills to take you? Beware it’ll ring ya withers!

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Reviewed by Albert Pollard

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