Outer Space Experiment
(Self Released)

From Aural Innovations #37 (Sep 2007)

Outer Space Experiment are a new band from Lapua, Finland. The five piece band features guitar, bass, drums and two keyboard players, one of who sings on a few tracks ut most of the CD is instrumental.. This is not an official release but a CD-R featuring 8 tracks that I think the band is or will be selling shortly. The band play a pretty laid back, almost ambient version of spacey music. It never really rocks out, except perhaps the last live track, Jurassik. Too Many Neighbours living next Door starts things off and it has a cool guitar riff and different keyboards play in and out of the sound. Very melodic stuff. Riff reminds a bit of Seid. Plenty of really funny lyrics on this CD. Osespheres is a 3½ minutes very groovey synth driven instrumental number. Brains Musculating begins very much like an ambient space experiment but then builds up with some very dramatic keyboards and voices (from the keyboards), like we are at the Olymipics or something, then it suddenly gets really heavy towards the end. Kiellettyeks is slow and spacey and very melodic as well with some nice lead synth playing followed by a guitar solo on this track. It later gets a bit jazzy and there is some trading back and forth of solos... are the horns real or synths?? YOu decide... Enter the Galaxies begins with some electronics and maintains a laid back drive as it has lots of spacey synths. Sipulipippuri is a funny track about having a skateboard! The CD ends with the nore upbeat live track, Jurassik. A pretty cool new band.... Check them out..

Check the band's Finnish web site at: http://www.oseband.co.nr/ or go to myspace: http://www.myspace.com/outerspaceexperiment

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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