The Great Rollingflower- Pop cuts in Sensations
(Self Released Japan)

From Aural Innovations #37 (Sep 2007)

This is a really interesting band from Japan. The band would fit in really well in the American jam band scene as they are very influenced by the likes of Zero, Steve Kimock, Derek Trucks Band and the Allman Brothers but more psychedelic than any of those bands. This 2CD set features one studio CD and one CD of live material. The Studio CD begins with Suvuya Wave and features some singing and slide guitar but develops into a really psychedelic jam. This band is very much about jamming. Each track is just a basis for all the members to take off. They have two guitars (one female and she sings) and bass and drums (also a woman). The lead guitar reminds me of Jimmy Herring but with a bit of delay on it! Yin Yang Blues is next and very much like Derek Trucks Band or the Allman Brothers and features some organ playing by someone.. not mentioned on their web page… George Harrison is a long 15 minute instrumental track that showcases all the players in the band, especially the amazing guitar work. All I should Do again features some vocals and a quite laid back and more jazzy rhythm. Hokkai Rhapsody is also quite a laid back track. Yogi Tea is an intense jam, much like the opening track with some totally amazing guitar and bass playing.. Well, the whole band.. I love the riff on this one!

The live CD begins with a killer nearly 20 minute version of Yogi Tea, with a bit more noodling to start off the track. All the live stuff sounds like it is mostly audience recordings (very good ones). Solar Medicine is next and was also recorded in March 2006. It goes from very laid back blues to quite a heavy guitar riff back to laid back, with some soloing in the middle. This track lasts nearly 15 minutes. Kimock, is pretty obviously a dedication to the US guitarist and is also 15 minutes long. Waltz and Penquin were both recorded in Oct 2006 and close the long live CD. Very cool blues, jazzy laid back rock music… I look forward to seeing how this band grows..

For more information you can visit the band’s site at:

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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