Eat Static- De-classified
(Solstice Music Solmcd029)

From Aural Innovations #37 (Sep 2007)

This is the first CD of new Eat Static material in 6 years. It is not because Merv and Joie have not been doing other things. Merv has been very busy with Dendron, Younger Brother, and lots of other stuff. Joie, playing in Here and Now and now both guys are playing with the Ozric Tentacles once again (but only on UK gigs). Ed Wynne from the Ozrics plays some synth on two tracks as and long time collaborator Steve Everitt helps out as well. SO what do we have??? 10 tracks of tranced out techno mayhem with lot of spoken word samples about UFO, abductions, etc.. maybe a few too many…Also, some cool Sphongle influence electronic tracks more towards the end of the CD and old school trance at the beginning. The CD begins with a really cool chilled out track (Invasion) about the coming of the flying saucers…. Sucker Unit and trantaloid are going back to old school Eat Static like Science of the Gods and Implant. Sin Quest kicks into full on fast heavy spaced out trance.. Tractor Beam is a really cool track, very spacey and a more laid back lounge trance groove. Totally cool. Pachama features Ed on synthesizer and is a cool house thing… Brassneck is back to hard core trance to start before it chills a bit and Ed adds some cool synth… The title track ends the CD and reminds me of the best of Shpongle.. Amazing sound and a cool journey and trip with the UFOs….

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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