Clutch and The Sword- The Rock, København 4/29/07

From Aural Innovations #37 (Sept 2007)

Wow.. what an amazing day and evening. I arrived early and hung around with the guys from Clutch and the Sword. Did an interview with the singer from Clutch and saw an amazing show. The ROCK was totally packed with people and a lot of people I knew as well. Clutch has a large underground following and 1998 was the last time they played in Denmark. A long time…. You can listen to the interview at this link. HERE

The show opening was delayed because the house sound man did not show up until 16:40 and was suppose to be there at 16 and people were just sitting around. The clutch actually likes to get in at like 14 so this was really rushed. No one working at the club even knows how to turn on the lights in the stage area. Anyway, the doors opened late and with how slow it is to get into the ROCK, most people completely missed the Sword. I did not, The Sword, rocked and was really loud! Wow.. They sounded really good and tight and they should, since they have played like 275 concerts in the last 2½ years according to the bass player and they only have 1 record, one cover song, so if they are not good at the songs now, they never will be. Anyway, we got to hear most of the record and two new songs, both of which were really good. Really cool guys, the Sword and the next record should be great. They will have a split 12” out with Witchcraft later this year which will include their version of the Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin.

The Set list: Barael’s Blade, The Horned Goddess, ?, Freya, Frost Giant’s Daughter, March of the Lor, Iron Swan, Lords

By the time Clutch started the place was totally packed. I had never been to the ROCK and seen it this packed (and hot!). This was the last night of the European tour and the band said it had been really great and especially the dates in Scandinavia. I had hoped for along jammed out show but since they were delayed and had a 10 min power outage, this did not help. The band played mostly the new record and sounded amazing. It was a hard hitting opening with You can’t stop Progress, Power Play and Devil in Me. Mice and Gods from Robot Hive was great. They were just getting into a jam in Prison Planet when the power on stage was lost.. It took some time to get it going and after a bit, the singer from 5 Horse Johnson did a 2½ minute harmonica solo and then the power was back. A could of older songs and hard hitting Burning Beard had the crowd moving again. The show went totally bluesy at the end with their friend from 5 Horse Johnson playing a lot of harmonica with the band on Electric Worry, Mr. Shiny Cadillackness, into Gravel Road and a long 16 min jam on Who’s been Talking to end the show. The band decided to play an encore and closed the show with 10001110101. Great show.. Can’t wait for them to be back.

Setlist: You can’t stop progress, Power Play, Devil and Me, Mice and Gods, Never be Moved, Prison Planet>power outage, Harmonica Solo, The Regulator, The Soapmakers>Drum solo, Burning Beard, Child of the City, The Mob goes Wild, Electric Worry, Mr. Shiny Cadillackness, Gravel Road, Who’s been Talking>Jam, 10001110101

Review by Scott Heller

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