Baby Woodrose- Chasing Rainbows
(Bad Afro Records AFROCD035)

From Aural Innovations #37 (Sep 2007)

Lorenzo Woodrose is back with another Baby Woodrose creation. This new CD (probably the bands best) takes inspiration from the Dragon Tears project and mixes it with a more psychedelic flavour of Lorenzo’s influences from the late 60’s with some rock and roll. Think Chocolate watch Band, Strawberry Alarm Clock.. Some cool special guests including Tømmerclaus, Morton Aron, a Indian musician, and others are featured… The CD begins with the great psych-pop number Someone to Love. This will probably be the single as it is really catchy stuff despite the backwards guitars and really psyched out feel to the track.. I’m gonna make you Mine is also another catchy 60’s pop track with a lot of organ taking the lead… Let Yourself Go is another really 60’s go-go track with cool psych organ and a catchy groove and a psyched out guitar solo.. Twilight Princess really changes things and this is a really outstanding track with a lot of things going on in the sound and Lorenzo singing in a falsetto voice. Lilith is a short psychy track with some nice guitar and great bass playing. In your Life is the longest track at 6½ minutes and a trip to another universe with sitar, tabla drums, and a spaced out feel. The title track is next and I really like the effected guitar on this one and they way it mixes with the voice. No more Darkness is a ballad but a fast paced one… Dark Twin is another really cool psyched out track. Beautiful stuff… Renegade Soul is another tripped out track like Twilight Princess as Lorenzo and the band go to the dark side of your psychedelic mind! The CD ends with madness of your own Making, a laid back number with acoustic guitar and reminds me of some of the psych stuff of Bevis Frond. This is a fantastic CD and something completely different from what the band has made before.. dig it baby…

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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