Aviva- Rokus Tonalis

From Aural Innovations #37 (Sep 2007)

This concept CD inspired by the last book of the bible by Dmitri Loukanienko, is classic instrumental melodic progressive rock with a focus on the piano on many numbers. Many of the songs are instrumental. The CD is put together like a classical symphony with suites and sonata. Dmitri is a very talented pianist and it is interesting to see how he mixes the light and dark (heavier elements) of the music. There are many solo piano pieces interspersed with in the pieces. I like how the ends of a lot of the pieces are pretty spaced out. All the pieces more or less run into each other. Quite a challenging listen. IT has a great booklet (although some of the print is really really small) and nice artwork. Very interesting project.

For more information you can visit the band’s record label web site at: http://www.musearecords.com

Reviewed by Scott Heller

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