Atomic Workers- Wall of water Behind Me
(Nasoni Records 066CD)

From Aural Innovations #37 (Sep 2007)

Atomic Workers are back with their 2nd psychedelic rock experience and quite different from the first one. The band still features Gary Ramon (Sundial fame) on multiple instruments and production but all the songs are written by Michele Rossiello (from That’s all Folks). In addition, several other guests appear (Joolie Wood, Guy McKnight, Fabio Mongelli, Haj Yahya Ashraf). The CD begins with a very heavy guitar riff and then a strange rock tune kicks in with oddly delivered vocals. I Must Confess is next in the same vein as the opening track but a bit more stoned and with a cool guitar sound. Track 3 begins as a folky psych track and then goes into full bloom 60’s psych mode. Cool stuff.. Scientist Mantra is full blown heavy psych rock and a mind blower. Unpredictable is a stranger number (particularly the vocals) but still pretty psyched out. Six Afternoon is instrumental has a more laid back groove and some cool sitar at the end. Overall, it is an eclectic mix of hard edged tracks with strange vocals, acoustic psych stuff, stoned-tripped out psychedelia.. Very cool 2nd CD… Nasoni picks another winner!

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Reviewed by Scott Heller

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