Alien Tape
(Another Planet Records)

From Aural Innovations #37 (Sep 2007)

Alien Tape is an experimental collaboration between Australian musician Andrew McIntosh and U.S. based Richard Wixner. SUB ETHER RADIO intense noisy drone, pulses, many strange noises, burbling backwards plinkage! Loud space flourishes on top, with pleasant meditative gurgling underneath. INDUSTRIALIZATION a change of pace with uptempo noisy manic industrial blurping and blipping....Is it great or annoying? Somewhere in between I guess! LUNAR WINE BAR very cool stereo effect of duelling percussionists with electronic squall on top! Yes, very nice, I like the song title too! Impressive track, my fave so far! METALLIC HAZE intense mystical drone. Great!! More and more, better and better....PRIESTS OF URANUS echoed trippiness, loud flourishes of white noise. Gets more and more intense, wow! Pretty impressive!! March of the maniacal experimental robots. PLANET RISE OVER prog rocky keyboard drones and flourishes. Sounds like 1975 Tangerine Dream! Clickin' and clackin' down the experimental tracks! ANCIENT MARTIAN BURIAL RIGHTS cool title, cool music...more intense experimental space improv! Yes, yes, bring it on!! Shimmering otherworldliness!!! STORMATRON sounds like a stormatron exactly!! Whatever that is?! Yes, big ominous loud swelling stormatronics! Man, Andrew and Richard are really "gettin' it" on this track! LOST ON CALLISTO Middle Eastern stillness, spiritual pluckage with the drone, then effected female vocal! Very very impressive! A whole CD of just this would be nice!

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Reviewed by Carlton Crutcher

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